Our Mission


We are a networked community of business experts, technologists, and educators focused on supporting the development of women's leadership capacity and opportunity in education technology. 

We build connections and skills that lead to stronger businesses, better products, and different schools. We create a community, united on the local, national, international, and digital levels, committed to support and innovation, driven to make change. 

Our mission is to create an inclusive community of women and their supporters from all aspects of the education technology industry in order to build and enhance the leadership capacity of women.



Our Values


EdTechWomen is community of women and their supporters linked through authentic connections, events, and opportunities for mentorship and collaboration through the values of inclusivity, visibility, and impact. 

Inclusivity: EdTechWomen is an open platform where members from across the edtech ecosystem, including educators, business leaders, technologists, students, consumers, and developers, can come together. It is an inclusive community, sharing experiences from all ages and all backgrounds. 

Visibility: EdTechWomen wants the world to be see the impact women have as leaders, decision-makers, and experts, and as a community. By providing opportunities and events where the accomplishments of women can be seen and shared, EdTechWomen can enhance the development of individuals, companies, and the community as a whole.

Impact: EdTechWomen exists because a group of women came together with a shared vision for creating a more connected, more collaborative, and more welcoming community within education technology. EdTechWomen offers a network and platform to provide members with skill development, mentorship, and other opportunities to accelerate their careers and positive impact.



Get Involved


EdTechWomen exists as three elements - local chapters, national conference events, and our community blog. Through local chapters organized by women from all aspects of edtech we are able to offer community building events and professional development opportunities. On the national level our co-founders organize conference networking socials and development events that showcase the members of our community on the national stage. Through our blog we publish content relevant to all aspects of the edtech industry, written by everyone from educators in the classroom to women operating their own businesses and software companies. 


Write for the Blog


The EdTechWomen Blog is a place for members of our community to share their voices with the rest of the edtech industry in a public space . Whether you are a classroom teacher exploring and testing different products with your students or the owner of a company creating software for teachers, we want to hear what you have to say. 

It is our goal that the EdTechWomen Blog be a go-to resource for the greater edtech industry by offering unique perspectives, honest experiences, and a critical eye aimed at accelerating all of us forward.  

Please send inquiries and submissions to sehreen@edtechwomen.com and margaret@edtechwomen.com as they will be reviewed prior to publishing. 


Ask EdTechWomen


EdTechWomen is a space where the community has the opportunity to learn and to grow in a supportive environment and share advice and mentorship through our network.

Through Ask EdTechWomen we will be answering questions related to professional development, workplace issues, best practices, and everything else edtech that requires investigation. Please submit your questions anonymously through the form or tweet them to us. Look for responses on the EdTechWomen Blog.