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We are a networked community for women's leadership in education technology. We are business experts, technologists, designers, and educators working to support the development of women's leadership capacity and opportunity in education technology. 

We build connections and skills that lead to stronger businesses, better products, and different schools. We create a community, united on the local, national, international, and digital levels, committed to support and innovation, driven to make change. 

Our mission is to increase the leadership capacity of women in education technology through inclusivity, visibility, and impact. 


Our News

EdTechWomen Announces Open Model for Building International Network Supporting Women’s Leadership in EdTech at SXSWedu

Margaret Roth


Contact: Margaret Roth <>

AUSTIN, TX, March 9, 2015 -  In an effort to increase access to and create new opportunities for development opportunities for women across the edtech industry, networked community for women’s leadership in education technology EdTechWomen announced an open model for the independent creation and hosting of EdTechWomen events under the Creative Commons license at this year’s SXSWedu.

Since the founding of EdTechWomen at SXSWedu in 2013, local EdTechWomen chapters and events have become key elements of regional edtech communities. Through the values of inclusivity, visibility, and impact, these communities have opened communication pathways and strengthened relationships between technologists, teachers, designers, administrators, executives, and many other education stakeholders.

“It’s been amazing to see EdTechWomen grow from a convening in 2013 to a full blown movement,” said Greg Rosenbaum, SXSWedu Producer. “The evolution to an open source model will only increase their impact and strengthen their community across the country and around the world.”

EdTechWomen has provided a space for women and their supporters to convene regionally to discuss challenges, organize networking opportunities, and develop programs that have enhanced participants lives personally and professionally. By opening the chapter and event model, EdTechWomen aims to expand the resources of this network across the globe.

“Our vision is to provide a virtual platform for women in education technology to find each other easily and to connect meaningfully over topics of professional and personal development” said EdTechWomen founder Sehreen Noor Ali. “Our social media properties, particularly our Facebook group, is an organizing tool where women can engage with each other more personally and seamlessly plan in-person events without any barriers – this is the beauty of the open access model.”

In addition to this announcement, EdTechWomen hosted SXSWedu’s first-ever “Women in EdTech” Meet Up in celebration of International Women’s Day.


About EdTechWomen

EdTechWomen is a community of women and supporters linked through authentic connections, working to build relationships, develop careers, and change standards, in ways that increase and improve leadership opportunities for women in education technology.

For further information and media requests, please contact: Margaret Roth, Co-Founder of EdTechWomen, Co-Founder, CMO, and SVP of Performance Technologies of Yet Analytics <>


About SXSWedu

The SXSWedu Conference and Festival fosters innovation in learning by hosting a diverse and energetic community of stakeholders across a variety of backgrounds in education. SXSWedu works to promote creativity and social change across the education industry.

For further information and media requests, please contact: Julia Shatilo at SXSWedu: <>