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552 Riverside Dr #2G
New York, NY, 10027

We are a networked community for women's leadership in education technology. We are business experts, technologists, designers, and educators working to support the development of women's leadership capacity and opportunity in education technology. 

We build connections and skills that lead to stronger businesses, better products, and different schools. We create a community, united on the local, national, international, and digital levels, committed to support and innovation, driven to make change. 

Our mission is to increase the leadership capacity of women in education technology through inclusivity, visibility, and impact. 


Our Story

Our Story


In the space where education and technology intersect, EdTechWomen brings together women and their supporters to develop the leadership potential of women and accelerate their impact. 

EdTechWomen held its launch event, a dinner attended by nearly one hundred women, at SXSWedu in the spring of 2013. From this event it was obvious that a community for the cultivation of meaningful connections between women in the edtech ecosystem was a necessity. Since then we have facilitated networking events at national conferences, brought together local communities through city chapters, and connected women from around the world through social media and other online learning opportunities.

At SXSWedu 2015, the EdTechWomen Co-Founders were recognized as Change Makers of the Year for their work growing, building, connecting, and empowering women in the education community.

At SXSWedu 2016, EdTechWomen announced an open chapters and events model licensed under Creative Commons to increase the access of impact of our community. 

We are proud to know that our membership includes women and their supporters from every aspect of the edtech ecosystem, from boardrooms to classrooms, connecting developers, designers, administrators, writers, executives, and teachers, united by a commitment to inclusivity, visibility, and impact.